Hydroquinone Cream 3% Skin Whitening & Lightning Bleaching 30g

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Hydroquinone Cream 3% by MENARINI is a skin bleaching agent works in the direction to alleviate areas of darkened skin such as residual hyperpigmentation, freckles, and melasma. The core formula reduces the manufacturing of melanin (a natural pigment responsible for the colour of the skin). Hydroquinone Cream 3% anti-ageing property effectively fades the sign of ageing, leaving glowing and radiant skin.

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What are the side effects of Hydroquinone Cream?

    • In the beginning, when you start using skin whitening cream, you can experience a mild burning sensation on your skin. It is of the most common hydroquinone side effects noticed by almost all the users of hydroquinone creams. This burning sensation may disappear after a few minutes, but it may persist for a few people.
    • The appearance of redness in the area where hydroquinone 4 cream is applied may also occur and is also a common one.
    • The continuous use of the cream may cause an itching and tingling sensation that is often seen as one of the general hydroquinone side effects.
    • One can also experience drying of the skin.
    • Sensitivity to sunlight can also happen. When the product is used for a longer duration, the skin becomes sensitive to sun rays. You may find difficulty in stepping out into the sunlight without using sunscreen lotion and protective wearing.

How should Hydroquinone cream be used?

Hydroquinone creams should be applied daily at night. You must wash your face and pat it dry before applying skin lightening cream. Take a pea size and apply a thin layer to the affected area. Massage hydroquinone cream in a circular motion with soft hands until the cream gets well absorbed by the skin. Do not forget to wash your hands after the application to remove the traces of the skin whitening cream.

10 reviews for Hydroquinone Cream 3% Skin Whitening & Lightning Bleaching 30g

  1. Lalita

    Best product for dark patches

  2. Tracy

    I’m on day 26 and my melasma/brown spots are greatly diminished. I had large patches along both sides of my jawline which in summer appeared so dark that it looked like a beard. No amount of foundation could completely cover it up. Since using this Brown Spot Cream, I am happy to say the beard is completely gone. My skin tone is evening out beautifully. I only have tiny freckles along my cheekbones which look natural. I am extremely happy with the results thus far. Highly recommend.

  3. Kelly

    I have been using this cream for 21 days it has really made a huge difference for my skin. It is my miracle cream

  4. Karen

    Nothing has ever made such a difference in terms of luminosity, clarity and diminishment of hyperpigmentation like Hydroquinone. Love love love…my spots are almost gone. Now I have clearer skin and it looks younger.

  5. Kris

    This product changed my life in 60 days!!!

  6. Angel

    Yes, this product works wonders for discoloration. This was the best decision I made my Melasma is almost nonexistent!! I have my confidence back!! Love this product

  7. Casey

    This spot cream has changed my life!!! I suffer from Melasma and I have been using the spot cream for only 2 weeks and my Melasma is almost completely INVISIBLE! I literally almost cried yesterday when I was getting ready looking at the dramatic difference. I have been so self-conscious for years. Thank you thank you thank you.

  8. Ashlyn

    It’s been only a week but wow! I cannot believe how my spots are already diminishing. Got severe dry patches about 5 days in but adding deep facial moisturizer cleared it right up. This product is simply amazing and not having had to take off work for the doc apt makes it even better.

  9. Julia

    This product changed my life in 60 days!!!

  10. lima

    I used this product for 2 weeks and my dark spots are gone. It works very good

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