Glyco 12 % Glycolic Acid Skin Peel Cream (30g)

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Glyco 12 % Cream includes glycolic acid which is useful in treating and stopping acne. It’s a natural remedy that could help lessen infection and zits breakouts via unclogging pores and disposing of useless pores and skin cells. It’s useful for decreasing lines and wrinkles that result from the ageing process.

Glycolic acid is used as a chemical exfoliant. It dissolves dead skin cells without you having to use scrubs. Exfoliate once or twice a week for best results.

How to Apply Glycolic Acid?
Use glycolic acid products at night time only. It is important that you use glycolic acid or any other AHAs at night time because they make your skin sensitive to UV rays. Apply during your bedtime routine. Use only a pea-size amount. Apply a moisturizer after your glycolic acid cream to hydrate your newly exfoliated skin. Hydration will help prevent any potential redness or irritation. Using sunscreen in the daytime is very crucial for keeping your skin protected.
Light stinging and redness are normal when you begin using glycolic acid. Your tolerance builds up over time when your skin gets used to it., Always do a patch test before applying it to your entire face. If you have mild or no irritation within 24 hours, apply a thin layer of glycolic acid to your entire face at nighttime 1-2 times a week. If you have harsh irritation, then you should consider products with a lower concentration of glycolic acid. Avoid eyes, lips, and mouth.

Uses: Glyco 12 cream 30g is used to treat pimples, acne scars, melasma, hyperpigmentation, photoaging, and seborrhea.

13 reviews for Glyco 12 % Glycolic Acid Skin Peel Cream (30g)

  1. Maddie

    It made my skin soft and smooth! Initially, when I started to use this Glycolic acid cream, it used to make my skin sensitive after 4-5 days my skin started to feel so much smoother. I love the results!

  2. Victoria

    I have had bumps, just stubborn bumps, that didn’t do anything but sit there on my face. Never got bigger, smaller, just sat there. Since I started using this product, they have slowly started to disappear! It’s taken a while, but the result is smoother, clearer, and brighter skin. All discoloration, sunspots and unevenness are also gone. I use it on the back of my hands, and they look amazing as well.

  3. Trinity

    My skin looks way younger! No joke!!!

  4. Nisha

    Wow! didn’t like it at first but then loved it after 6-7 days. At first, I thought my skin was breaking out more for the first 3-4 days but then my skin started to get used to the cream and I started to see a massive difference in my skin. My skin started looking smoother and brighter. I love this product!

  5. Ruth

    This is an amazing product. It has helped me get smooth skin

  6. Katie

    Wow, this is amazing. On day 3 and this is already clearing up my cystic acne blemishes. My skin has gone a bit dry so would recommend a good moisturizer with this (twice per day). Such a relief to see the blemishes drastically reducing so quickly!

  7. Daisy

    I love this product. Helps with acne and blemishes and leaves your skin clear and smooth.

  8. Mandi

    I love this Glycolic acid cream. I have used different peels that come in the form of face masks before, they are so harsh and give me redness but this cream is amazing. I use the cream every other night and it keeps my skin healthy. No acne, no redness. I have used 2 tubes of this cream so far and I love it.

  9. Wendy

    Perfect transaction! The seller sent me a PayPal invoice. Exactly what I wanted

  10. Jean

    I love this product. It came super-fast. The item was good quality

  11. Nina

    This product is an outstanding chemical exfoliant. I have been using this for last three months and I love the results!

  12. Talya

    This product is one of my favorites. I am 38 and have started to notice more fine lines and poor skin quality in the last few years. I have never been one to spend a ton on myself, so it was super exciting to find an affordable product that actually works! The bottom picture is 2 weeks of use, and I am so happy with the results. I combine Glycolic acid cream with the Hyaluronic gel and Skin A retinol cream at nighttime. My skin literally glows now, and I get regular comments, which has NEVER happened before!

  13. Kirk

    At first, I started to use this cream in the daytime and followed it with sunscreen, but I felt my skin felt a tingling sensation. So, I started to use it at nighttime, and it works! My skin is soft and smooth. I love this product.

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