Can you use Tretinoin and Azelaic acid together?

Tretinoin and Azelaic acid are complementary ingredients and can help address similar skin concerns. Azelaic acid is naturally derived from dicarboxylic acid, part of a category that is different from AHAs and BHAs. Azelaic acid is considered a gentle acid that helps reduce the appearance of dark spots caused by acne scars. Azelaic acid also improves the uneven texture of the skin while minimizing the signs of inflammation, and redness.

Benefits Of Azelaic Acid
      • Reduces appearance of hyperpigmentation, dark circles, dark spots caused due to acne scarring
      • Keeps the pores unclogged
      • Contributes to a smoother skin complexion
      • Helps reduce the visible signs of inflammation & Redness

   Benefits of Tretinoin cream:
          • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines
          • Treats Acne
          • Fades Dark spots, Melasma, Age spots
          • Improves the texture of the skin
          • Supports natural collagen production
          • Helps skin appear youthful and brighter

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