The Indie Earth Vitamin C Serum with Turmeric, Vitamin E, Vegan Hyaluronic Acid, Ferulic Acid and Vegan Glutathione Acid Serum (30 ml) Best Vitamin C Serum Best Brightening Serum

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Skin Type All
Product Benefits Prevent skin from blemishes, dark spots, acne marks, provide even skin tone and fairer look.
Brand The Indie Earth
Item Form Drop
Active Ingredients Vitamin_c, Hyaluronic_acid, Rosehip_oil, Vitamin_e, Argan_oil

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About this item

  • ✔The Purest & The Best – The Indie Earth Vitamin C Serum easily acts as a remover for those pesky signs of aging, it’s also perfect for preventing them from forming in the future. For Facial Skin, This Serum is the great antioxidant, it needs to defend Skin from the aging effects of invisible aggressors like pollution & harmful UV rays that are keeping you from achieving ultimate healthy radiance. Very potent to fight against Smile lines, Fine lines & Wrinkles.
  • ✔ Helps to Improve Skin Complexion with Turmeric (Haldi) & Glutathione – Turmeric & Vegan Glutathione present in this serum is known for its skin fairness benefits, which Promote a lighter complexion while also improving skin health and enjoying potent anti-aging properties. Plant based Ferulic acid provides antioxidant benefits to skin while enhancing the stability of topical applications of antioxidant Vitamins C and E. It also helps defend skin against environmental assault.
  • ✔ Gentle Yet Powerful Anti-Ageing Serum – Age and Sun Damage cause us to lose collagen, leading to wrinkles and sagging skin. The Indie Earth Vitamin C Serum boosts your skin’s collagen production to give you firmer, more plump skin and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. The antioxidant properties of The Indie Earth Vitamin C Serum help fight free radicals and damage caused by UV radiation.
  • ✔ Premium Skin Care for all skin type – This is an extremely light weight serum infused with the stable form of Vitamin C, moisture booster hyaluronic acid, perfect anti-oxidant glutathione, aloe vera, Plant Based Ferulic Acid and Powerful Sea Buckthorn Extract. It helps retain youthful look and radiance of the skin. It even helps in reducing the acne, scar, fine lines, wrinkles through perfectly natural and safe way. It’s a non-sticky & easy to apply serum at all times. 100% paraben-free.
  • ✔ Important: PLEASE NOTE – Use this serum for minimum 2-3 months to see visible results. This plant-based formula The Indie Earth (Previously known as KHADI GLOBAL chooses not to hide natural appearance of Serum with artificial color & synthetic stabilizers or perfume, to keep the formula as pure as possible, because the appearance of the ingredients has no impact on the effectiveness of the formula. It is 98% natural, 100% vegan & 100% cruelty-free serum.

21 reviews for The Indie Earth Vitamin C Serum with Turmeric, Vitamin E, Vegan Hyaluronic Acid, Ferulic Acid and Vegan Glutathione Acid Serum (30 ml) Best Vitamin C Serum Best Brightening Serum

  1. Lorna

    Having sensitive skin prone to damage from UV rays from sunlight I tried this product for the first time. This also helps to reduce dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles. This product has made a difference to my skin already. It’s best to use it in your night skincare routine every day after toner and before MOISTURIZER. Use it for a week or two to see the difference.

  2. Reena

    The quality of this product is very good

  3. Asha

    Working as a natural skin illuminator by lightening the skin tone and improving skin texture, minimizing dark circles and repairing hyperpigmentation as well as signs of aging, Getting rid of skin discoloration

  4. Avery

    This is by far my favorite serum. I love how it makes my skin feel smooth and radiant, this is definitely worth the price. I will be repurchasing when I run out

  5. Sheeba

    Easily absorb in our skin. Simply i like it.

  6. Neha

    Awesome product I am regular morning and going to bed already used 3 bottles going for fourth one I recommend to go for this serum

  7. Melanie

    Skin starts glowing and clean after 1 week of use. It smell is superb

  8. Lexi

    Amazing serum for all skin types

  9. Anu

    Great serum. No allergies or irritation. I am using it in combination with salicylic acid.
    It has faded the black spots on my face and really hydrating as well.
    Love it

  10. Donna

    It’s been a week since I am using this product religiously. Every morning I like to mix 2 drops of this serum with my moisturizer and apply it on my face and neck , it makes my skin soft and supple. I love this product and it doesn’t irritate my skin though I am a sensitive skin type. I would totally recommend this product to you guys. It is worth all your money and you won’t regret it for a bit. Give it a shot.

  11. Yamini

    It works like a magic on my skin.

  12. Noor

    It is amazing product i like it alot.

  13. Ava

    Been using it for awhile now and it is really making a difference!

  14. Molly

    I have been using this for a month along with my regular moisturizer. Keeps my skin hydrated and not greasy. yet to see a difference in reduction in pigmentation

  15. Ruchi

    Been using it for awhile now and it is really making a difference!

  16. Lily

    It works like a magic on my skin.

  17. Ruth

    I loved everything about this product. It did exactly what it was supposed to do. I used this for 2 weeks and I had amazing results

  18. Shonda

    Noticed the difference in a week. My skin tone is clearer and really is brighter. I apply it first, then add my regular moisturizer. Have received compliments on my complexion since I started using it. It’s not harsh. I don’t notice any scent. Nice addition to my daily moisturizing routine.

  19. Kristie

    This product is fantastic! I was on birth control and it messed with my complexion. This has helped a lot. I’ve been using this consistently for about 4 months and will not stop.

  20. Kate

    Considering the price and what I’d usually pay for a serum I wasn’t sure about this one. However, when my friend recommended it, I thought I’d give it a go. Wow, I’m glad I did. My skin had never been in such good condition until I started using this. All my breakouts stopped, my spots disappeared and my skin seemed less red and more evenly toned. My pores appeared smaller and less noticeable and my skin appeared less oily. Honestly, I wish I’d found this way sooner.

  21. Justine

    I’ve used this for about 2 months now and my face has never looked better! Without a doubt, I will keep using this.

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