Nizral Anti-Dandruff Shampoo with 2% Ketoconazole 50ml

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  • CONTROLS SCALP FUNGUS: Nizral is different because it doesn’t just address the symptoms, it gets right to the root of dandruff by controlling the fungus that causes dandruff.
  • CLINICALLY PROVEN: Clinically proven to control flaking, scaling and itching from dandruff. Nizral is so powerful it can even control severe dandruff.
  • KETOCONAZOLE 2%: The only over the counter dandruff shampoo with Ketoconazole 2%, a clinically proven, powerful dandruff fighting ingredient.
  • 10X MORE EFFECTIVE: The active ingredient in Nizral is 10X more effective at killing scalp fungus than the active ingredient in the leading dandruff shampoo based on lab testing
  • GENTLE ON HAIR: Gentle enough to use on color treated, chemically processed, or gray hair. Clean fresh scent and you only have to use it 2x per week.
  • Hair type: All hair types

3 reviews for Nizral Anti-Dandruff Shampoo with 2% Ketoconazole 50ml

  1. Kelly

    I don’t even know where to start with this review, because all I know is that this stuff is literally a MIRACLE worker for my dry scalp!

  2. Tristan

    I had oily scalp, flaky dandruff, and the worst one, it hurts my scalp when I move my hair! I tried a few different anti dandruff shampoo, and they didn’t do much. But this! Nizoral worked on FIRST TRY!!! Seriously I can’t recommend this shampoo enough! My scalp immediately stopped hurting, very little flakes remained, not oily at all after 3-4 days. I wash my hair every Monday and Thursday, they always get oily and has this white oily buildup when I scratch my hair. Now I’m at my 3rd wash with Nizral, my scalp doesn’t hurt at all, I haven’t seen any flakes for a few days, and it didn’t feel oily at all on this Monday so that I forgot to wash my hair lol. I’m so happy with this shampoo, and I’m so grateful

  3. Nancy

    If you’re looking for a sign to buy this product, this is it!! After lots of research and YEARS of dealing with scalp problems I’m amazed that after ONE use my problems we’re fixed. I only wish I would have bought this problem sooner. I am still in shock as to how fast this product worked. It’s a small container, however, that doesn’t really matter since it works so fast. I’ve started using this product once every week so it should last a good amount of time.

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