LANEIGE – Lip Sleeping Mask EX – 20g – Berry, Nourish & Hydrate with Vitamin C, Antioxidants

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Item Form Balm
Finish Type Matte
Color Rose
Product Benefits A leave-on overnight lip mask that soothes and moisturizes for smoother, more supple lips.

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14 reviews for LANEIGE – Lip Sleeping Mask EX – 20g – Berry, Nourish & Hydrate with Vitamin C, Antioxidants

  1. Emily

    This is the only product that keeps my lips from being dry and chapped. I use it at night and my lips still feel moisturized in the morning. I usually use it again in the morning before I head out the door. It’s a must have for me in the winter, but I use it year-round. I have tried countless other products like Aquaphor, plain old Vaseline, and high-end luxury lip balms. None of them really worked for me. The scent is very light and not really detectable when you apply it.

  2. Eileen

    As an older woman I have struggled to keep my lips from drying out and staying smooth. I’ve tried all the name brand lip balms but have had only limited success. This one my friend is amazing!! When I apply it at night, I wake up in the morning with soft smooth lips. I find myself applying it even during the day when the weather is harsh just for the protection it affords.

  3. Molly

    I suffer from the worst dry, chapped lips, all year round. It’s crazy how bad it can be, especially in cold seasons. This product has dramatically reduced that to hardly anything, and I don’t even use it nightly! I haven’t had results like this with anything else I’ve tried.

  4. Jenny

    I know there are cheaper options, but this is just the best one out there. One jar can last almost 6 months for me. I use it religiously and have gotten several as gifts.

  5. Susanne

    My fav lip balm

  6. Alex

    Best product for the chipped lip. Must try

  7. Rochella

    Let me first start by saying, this is hands down the best lip product I’ve ever used. I have chronic dry skin, and horrible dry lips. My lips actually have scars from cracking and peeling! The only thing that helps is Aquaphor. I decided to finally try this product after having it in my “save for later” for like 6 months, and I’m SO glad I did! I use it every night and during the day if I’m around the house. I love the little spatula it comes with, honestly every potted product should come with one!

  8. Justin

    Very, very, very moisturizing and a nightly staple for my lips during my self-care routine. I am big on self-care and pampering myself and this seals the deal after my routine so I suggest you add this to yours as well. It amazing and I love the tint it gives your lips in addition to the moisturizing effect.

  9. lily

    I’ve struggled with dry and crackled lips since my teenage years. Even if I only drink water. After unintentionally biting my dead skin off my lips during the day because of stress, my lips felt raw and the minute I put on Laneige, I felt no pain. It was unbelievably soothing. The next morning, my lips were definitely way better, but not soft. I used the mask again the next night and my lips were even better and starting to be soft in the morning. So YES, THIS WORKS! You have to use its nights in a row to get the results you want. Can’t wait for my lips to get full healthy!

  10. Sandy

    For anyone wondering, this is the real Laneige lip mask. I own one from a reputable source and can verify that they are identical.

  11. Max

    My girlfriend recommended this product to me when I was complaining about my dry winter lips. Every winter my lips get dry and cracked and aquaphor was just not cutting it for me. When I tell you this stuff made an instant difference overnight I’m not lying. This product is now part of my every night skincare routine. It is amazingly moisturizing and soothing on dry lips! Put it on right before bed and you’ll wake up with soft moisturized lips.

  12. Lori

    I absolutely love this lip mask. I’ve tried other ones and this one is just so soft and stays on well but doesn’t feel sticky. The scent is nice and subtle.

  13. Jamie

    I put the lip mask on and go to bed. Try it and you’ll be surprised!! I certainly was! I simply love this lip mask

  14. Robin Judge (verified owner)

    Great product

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