Ivermectin Cream 1% (30gms) for Rosacea


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What is ivermectin cream used for?

  • Rosacea. It’s not clear how ivermectin cream treats rosacea, but it does lower the amount of inflammation and swelling.

How to Use this Cream?

  • You only need a pea-sized amount of ivermectin cream to treat each area of your face (forehead, each cheek, nose, and chin). Be careful to avoid your eyes, nostrils, and mouth while applying it.

  • Ivermectin cream is only meant to be used on your face. Do not apply it to other areas of your body.

  • Wash and dry your face before you apply ivermectin cream. Wash your hands well with soap and water both before and after using ivermectin cream. Forgetting to wash your hands after using the medication can cause irritation to the skin on your hands.

  • You can use cosmetics, such as make up, after ivermectin cream has dried on your face. If you need to apply sunscreen to your face at the same time as ivermectin cream, apply your medication first. Once ivermectin cream has completely dried, you can then apply sunscreen.

  • Experts don’t know if it’s safe to use in children or pregnant women. Talk to your healthcare provider about how to best treat your rosacea if you are under 18 or are currently pregnant.

    How long can you use ivermectin cream for?

    As long as ivermectin cream is working for you, it is safe to keep using it long term. If you don’t notice any improvement after using ivermectin cream every day for 3 months, talk to your healthcare provider about alternatives.
    Should I use ivermectin cream in the morning or evening?
    You should use ivermectin cream once a day at about the same time each day for the most consistent results. Some people choose to make ivermectin cream a part of their nighttime skin care routine, but it’s not necessary to use it at bedtime.


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